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Bagpipes have long been associated with the police and fire services. The great immigrations of the 1800 and 1900’s brought large numbers of Irish, Scots, Welsh, and others of Celtic origin into the United States. Many of these immigrants settled into the urban areas. It was these large urban areas that first started professional police and fire departments, and many of the officers were of Celtic ancestry. These officers brought into the police and fire services many of the habits and customs from the old countries police and fire departments, one being the bagpipe.

Today the trend continues. Countries around the world have bagpipe bands associated with their police and fire services. In the United States, the interest in bagpiping has grown dramatically in the past ten years, and the trend shows no end. These officers wished to further the honor, and integrity of the police and fire services as well as their communities, by using their talents as pipers and drummers. Additionally, a great number of community members who have piping and drumming experience also wanted to support their police, firefighters and communities by participating in a Regional Police and Fire Pipe Band. 


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